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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

Dec 31st
In this clip, a group of men and women play strip poker for artistic reasons.


Dec 30th
In this clip, a bunch of nudists interact with each other.


Dec 29th
The Session
In this clip from "The Sessions" Helen Hunt teaches a disabled man how to use his penis.


Dec 25th
Random CFNM

In the first clip, men and women walk around their offices naked.
In the second clip, a very attractive woman gives a man a blowjob.

In the third clip, a man walks around naked in front of a woman.
In the fourth clip, men get naked with a group of women.

In the fifth clip, a female actress holds on to an actor's naked penis.
In the sixth clip, a man is stripped naked by his female friends.

Dec 24th
Random CFNM

In the first clip, a group of naked college students run around in a school building.
In the second clip, a naked man dances around on stage in front of a crowd.

In the third clip, a man is comfortably naked in front of two women.
In the fourth clip, a man walks around naked in front of a woman.

Dec 22nd
Nymphomaniac CFNM

In this clip from the film "Nymphomaniac" a woman is impressed by the endowment of two men while they argue about double teaming her.

Dec 19th

Dec 18th

Dec 17th
Webcam Flashing
One of the new crazes in flashing and CFNM is the webcam flashing and jerking off.  Basically guys jerk off on camera while women around the world watch them.  These videos can be very erotic especially when the women have very pronounced facial expressions.  It is shocking how many women enjoy watching men jerk off to completion.

In the first video a happy beautiful woman watches a guy jerk off.
In the second video two women watch a guy jerk off to completion.

In the third video two stunned women watch a guy jerk off his giant dick.
In the fourth video there is a compilation of girls watching guys jerk off.

Dec 16th
CFNM From Different Sources

In this clip, a woman cannot stop picturing her male coworker naked.
In this clip, a guy walks around naked in front of a bunch of women.

In this clip from "Y Tu Mama Tambien", a woman admires a naked man.
In this clip from "Private Resort", a naked woman sees Johnny Depp naked.

In this clip from "Tank Girl" a man is forced to strip naked.
In this clip from "Scrubs" an old man flashes a flustered female doctor.

Dec 15th
Big Brother CFNM Fun
A great place to find good CFNM is the reality show Big Brother.  Because a bunch of people are stuck together in the same house and there is only one bathroom, CFNM situations have a tendency to arise.  Most of the time they take place in the shower area.  It is wonderful how the guys and girls shower together freely while still checking out each other's goods.  However, if you are in the U.S.A. you probably don't get all the good stuff.
Check out these clips of CFNM in the shower on the show Big Brother.


Kay's Planet
Kays Planet continues to be one of the leaders in the world of CFNM when it comes to genuine female reactions to seeing naked men.  It's the combination of sexy women, great situations, and great reactions which makes Kays Planet the best CFNM site on the net!
In this scene, a pretty brunette is surprised by a penis exposed through underwear.

In this scene, sexy Tara is having a naked conversation with a very excited male model.

 see more at

Dec 11th
Random CFNM From the Movies

In these scenes from "Van Wilder" Tara Reid checks out penises.

In these scenes from "Van Wilder 2" a hung guy shows off his penis to different girls.

In this scene from "Fear of a Black Hat" a girl watches a guy scratch with his dick.

Dec 10th
CFNM From Sirens
There are two good CFNM scenes in the movie "Sirens."  It is probably better to watch the entire movie because the scenes are a lot better considering what a prude the woman is who is enjoying the penis-watching.

Dec 9th
Hollywood CFNM

Jackie Chan runs around and fights naked in a group that includes women.
Woman enjoys herself playing with a man's cock.

Two guys are tricked into getting naked in front of a large group.
Naked guy shows off his dick to Anna Paquin and others.

Dec 8th
Locker Room Fantasy CFNM
One of the most common male fantasies is being able to see inside of a women's locker room.  There is something taboo and forbidden and innocent about the possibility of such an experience and it doesn't hurt that there are dozens of naked women running around.  But those guys who love CFNM have the same fantasy, only in reverse.  It is the fantasy of being in a locker room, naked and perhaps showering, when an attractive woman enters.  There are probably a million things guys like about this scenario, but probably the two most powerful are the fact that it is spontaneous - meaning the guys did not know or expect to see a woman in there while they are naked.  The second is that the guy is vulnerable - meaning he has nowhere to run or hide and usually only his hands to attempt to cover himself.  Here are six examples of good locker room CFNM.

In this scene two hung black guys are violated by female reporters looking for answers.
In this scene from "Wildcats" a female coach meets her players for the first time.

In this scene a girl spies on males while they are naked in the shower.
In this scene a gym teacher decides to talk to male students while they are in the shower.

Dec 5th
Silly Scenes in Real Movies
In the film "Art School Confidential" there is a funny scene where a perverted old male figure model sticks his dick in a college girl's face.

In the film "American Pie: Beta House" there is a funny scene where a hot college girl makes a guy cum without ever touching his dick.

In the film "All the Real Girls" a very cute girl exposes the dick of her nervous male friend in a hot tub scene.

Dec. 4th
Big Brother CFNM Fun
Here are four videos that show how much fun it must be to take part in the television show "Big Brother" in countries other than America where they are always naked with each other.

Dec 3rd

CFNM From The Movies


In "Just one of the Guys" a girl pretends to be a guy and gets to see a bunch of cocks.

In "Exit to Eden" a woman ties up a naked guy and spanks him.

In "Blue Velvet" a woman holds a knife to a guy and makes him strip.

In this clip a bunch of horny girls stare at a guy's dick.