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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

Feb 28th


In the first clip from "Parks and Recreation" a man gets naked in front of two women.
In the second clip from "Game of Thrones" a man gets nude in front of a crazy woman.

Feb 27th
Movie Time


In the film "Big Bad Mama 2" there women make a man get naked in front of them.
In the film "Extreme Movie" pornstars laugh at a guy's small penis.

In the film "The Chatterly Affair" a woman looks at a man's naked body.
In the film "Blue Juice" a beautiful woman checks out a man's package in a sock.

Feb 22nd
CFNM At The Movies


In the first clip from "American Reunion", two hot chicks catch a guy naked in the kitchen.
In the second clip from "The Kids Are All Right", a hot redhead is impressed by a penis.

In the third clip from "Hit and Run", a blonde woman sees old naked penis.
In the fourth clip form "Hit and Run" a hot black girl sees old naked men.

Feb 21st

Feb 20th
Random CFNM


Feb 19th
A cute brunette holds a penis in one hand and balls in the other.

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Feb 16th
In this clip, a group of men and women play strip poker for artistic reasons.


Feb 15th
In this clip from a woman jerks off a guy in front of his mother.

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Feb 14th
In this clip, a bunch of nudists interact with each other.


Feb 13th

Feb 11th
The Session
In this clip from "The Sessions" Helen Hunt teaches a disabled man how to use his penis.


Feb 10th

Feb 7th
CFNM Handjob
In this clip, three attractive women give a guy a handjob.


Feb 6th
Watching CFNM
In this clip from a hot college girl watches as a man masturbates in front of her.

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Feb 4th
Massage CFNM
In this clip from four beautiful women give a guy a handjob massage.


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Feb 2nd
In this clip, a man's penis is out and a woman is OK with touching it.