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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

July 31st

In the first clip, a woman pulls down a guy's underwear and then makes fun of his package.
In the second clip, women are shocked to see naked men walking around in front of them.

In the third clip, a woman enjoys the company of two naked men.
In the fourth clip, a naked woman checks out a naked man's package.

In the fifth clip, a guy puts his dick in a woman's face and is rewarded.
In the sixth clip, a guy talks to a woman with his dick hanging in her face.

July 30th
Street CFNM

July 29th
The Randomness of CFNM

In the first clip, an Indian woman sees a guy naked and is shocked.
In the second clip, a model is shocked by a nude guy walking around her.

In the third clip, a WWE wrestler is naked in front of Stephanie McMahon.
In the fourth clip, Will Ferrell streaks and is picked up by his wife and her friends.

July 26th

July 25th

In the first clip, hot Sophia Bush walks in on a guy in the shower.
In th second clip a hot Latin woman walks in a guy getting out of the shower.

In the third clip a guy loses his towel in front of a woman.
In the fourth clip a guy strips naked not knowing he is front of an audience.

July 24th
Women Looking at Naked Men on Screen
It might not be obvious, but CFNM or women looking at naked men has been a part of the big screen for many, many years.  Whether it's because Hollywood thinks naked men are funny or directors were ahead of the curve on moviegoers with CFNM fetishes there has been some form of clothed female naked male scenarios in movies for decades.

In the first clip, a woman watches a naked guy run around.
In the second clip, a prisoner gets naked in front of an older woman.

In the third clip, two women watch a man bathing in a body of water.
In the fourth clip, a woman watches naked men form from nothing and insults them.

In the fifth clip, a woman invades a shower full of naked men.
In the sixth clip, Rachel Leigh Cook gets an eyeful of penis during a photoshoot.

In the seventh clip, a waiter is stripped nude in front of a group at a party.
In the eighth clip, a woman is choosing between penises.

July 23rd
CFNM at the Movies and Funny CFNM Videos

In this clip from "Dangerous Beauty" a woman sees a naked man for the first time and she is amazed by his body and all its many functions.
In this clip from "Wild Orchid" two women take advantage of a naked man who is more thna happy to get naked in front of them.

In this clip guys compete over who can pee the furthest while a bunch of bikini-clad girls watch and enjoy.
In this clip a man pretends to sale ice cream from a box but instead his dick is inside giving all female customers a slight shock.


In this clip from "Big Brother" a guy gets out of the pool and accidentally loses his shorts which gives a girl an eyeful of penis.

July 22nd
It's always great to see women reacting to naked streakers.

July 21st
Random CFNM

An old guy tricks women into looking up his kilt when he's not wearing any underwear.
In this clip a bunch of attractive young people get naked together.

In this clip a woman goes nuts when she realizes the guy she's with has a giant dong.
In this clip a couple strips naked with each other.

July 20th
Funny CFNM Scenes From TV and Film

In the first scene a female cop gets an eyeful of penis from a male prostitute.
In the second clip two women faint upon seeing a naked male.

In the third clip a woman faints when she sees a cock in a weird place.
In the fourth clip Whoopi Goldberg has a dick two inches from her face while hiding.

July 17th
HJs and BJs Done Creatively

On S1 E1 of "Breaking Bad" a wife performs a handjob on her husband for her birthday.
In this movie a guy receives a blowjob in public with a big audience.


In this scene, a woman gives an injured man the best kind of medicine.

July 16th
Public CFNM


July 15th
Ball Waxer


July 10th
CFNM at the Movies

In the film "Roadhouse" a woman is shocked by a naked man getting out of bed.
In the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Kristen Bell sees a cock.

In the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" sexy Mila Kunis sees a cock.
In the film "Irina Palm" a grandmother is shocked as she gives her first handjob.

July 9th
Women Seeing Penises By Accident
Guys spend large chunks of their lives trying to set up CFNM scenarios.  But it is much more gratifying when the CFNM happens by accident. 

In this first clip a woman sees a guy naked in the shower when she goes to use it.
In the second clip a guy moonwalks into a room without knowing a strange woman was inside.

In the third clip a guy doesn't realize two women are watching him change clothes.
In the fourth clip a guy loses his towel in front of a female cop and shows her everything.

July 8th
Candid Candid Camera


July 4th
Flashing on Halloween 
In this video a man goes to a bar on Halloween and shows all the drunk girls his cock.


July 3rd
Japanese CFNM
Does anyone do CFNM better than the Japanese?  Between their elaborate and creative scenarios, cute women, and genuine facial reactions, they produce the best material on the planet.  Here are a couple of vids that illustrate these points.

July 2nd
Funny CFNM

In the first clip a woman has to guess what each male model nicknames his penis.
In the second clip a guy runs around naked on a game show.

In the third clip a guy gets naked in front of a group of women and has one of them dress him.
In the third clip a guy gets naked in front of a group of women and has one of them dress him.

July 1st
CFNM in the Cinema 

In the movie "Descent" there is a scene where sexy Rosario Dawson makes a guy get naked and plays with him.
In the movie "Universal Soldier" there is a scene were Jean-Claude Van Damme gets naked in front of a cute girl when he gets really hot.


In the movie "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" there is a scene where Adam Sandler is dancing naked in front a group of cute women.