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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

March 29th
CFNM Watchers

In this clip from a woman watches a man get vocal as he approaches his orgasm.

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March 28th
The Wicker Tree

A woman watches a man closely as he enters a body of water.

March 27th
Random CFNM


In the first clip, a woman walks in on a guy in the shower whose clothes were stolen.
In the second clip, two girls watch a guy strip naked in front of them.

In the third clip, two guys get naked on the beach in front of attractive women.

March 26th
Random CFNM


March 24th
CFNM Restraint
In this clip from an attractive black woman handles a muscular man's large cock.

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March 22nd
Movie Time


In the film "The Hike" there is a scene where a group of men and women go skinny dipping.
In the film "The Loved Ones" there is a scene where a woman watches a man pee.

March 20th
CFNM From Foreign Films


In the first clip, a group of people go skinny dipping together.
In the second clip, a woman rubs a man's dick while grinding him.

March 19th
Kays Planet CFNM
In this clip from a woman's memory is put to the test when she is surrounded by penises.


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March 18th
Random CFNM


March 15th
Nude Bike Ride


March 14th
Movie CFNM


In the first clip from "Killer Joe" a naked man walks by two women.
In the second clip from "Dreamers" a man takes a bath with a woman.

March 13th


In the first clip, a male figure model gets an erection while being drawn.
In the second clip, three women catch a male in the middle of masterbating.

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March 11th
CFNM at the Movies


In the first clip from "Fatso" a woman is shocked by the size of a fat man's cock.
In the second clip from "Burt Wonderstone" a woman sees a naked man in a tub.

In the fourth clip from "Twelve Thirty" a woman stares at a naked man.
In the third clip from "Spetters" a woman rubs a man's naked penis.

March 8th
Samara and Freya's Handjob Challenge

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March 7th
Weird CFNM


March 6th
Hot chick giving blowjob


March 5th
Paradise Love


March 4th
TV Time


In the first clip, a woman gives a man a handjob in the car.
In the second clip, a man gets naked in a busy coffee shop.

  March 2nd

A cute brunette gives handjob.

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