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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

May 31th
Not Exactly CFNM
Crotch grabbing is not CFNM but it's still pretty damn good for guys.  Although the guy is not naked, the physical act of a woman touching a guy's penis, even through his pants, is something special.  The funny part of this act is that women grab men's crotch as a form of punishment while most men love every second of it.

In the first clip, an angry woman grabs a guy's crotch and backs him into a car.
In the first clip, an angry woman grabs a guy's crotch and backs him into a car.

In the third clip, Denise Richards grabs a guy's crotch instead of giving him a tip.
In the fourth clip, a woman grabs a guy's crotch when she's trying to get answers from him.

May 30th
Silly and Sexy CFNM


In the fist clip, a group of naked guys make an unsuspecting woman laugh.
In the second clip, a couple of old women catch a guy running around naked.

In the third clip, high school girls catch one of their classmates naked.

May 29th
CFNM at the Movies


In "Zach and Miri" Elizabeth Banks is in awe of a talented penis.
In "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" an older woman sees a young man naked.

In "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" a man and woman examine each other's private parts.
In "Underdog" a guy is caught walking around his house naked by a cute woman.

May 27th
Cinema CFNM


In the movie "Cops and Robbersons" a young cop flashes a college girl.
In this movie Carmen Electra and cute brunette admire a large penis.

In this movie Heather Graham looks at a guy's penis.
In "My Best Friend's Girl" Dane Cook flashes a shocked woman.

May 25th
CFNM Gametime
In this clip, an attractive woman is having fun with penises in each hand.

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May 23rd
Four Random CFNM Videos


In this clip two women stare at a naked man in the shower.
In this clip a woman is obsessed with staring at a naked man through her window.

In this clip a guy gets naked in front of a group with lots of women in it.
In this clip a class gets totally naked and the teacher joins them.

May 22nd
CFNM in the Movies and on TV

In the film "The Ugly Truth" there is a scene where Katherine Heigl gets an eyeful. In "Lykke" a woman sees a lot of naked man and does not seem to mind. In the show "Rome" a woman is startled by a slave with a large penis.

May 20th

Horror Movie CFNM

Horror movies are known for gratuitous violence and female nudity, but surprisingly there is very little CFNM to be found in them.  The formula for years has been to get the female naked because mostly guys are watching the films so the idea of male nudity is an afterthought.

Here are some rare CFNM clips from horror movies.


In the movie "Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell" a guy strips in front of two women.
In the movie "Friday the 13th: Part 4" guys are girls go skinny dipping together.

In the movie "Sorority House Massacre" a scared naked guy runs by a couple of girls.

May 17th

Big Brother CFNM
Here are five CFNM clips from the show Big Brother.  Most of these clips come from countries other than the United States.

A guy flashes his dick to a bunch of this roommates. A sexy blonde marvels at the size of one of her male roommates' dick. A girl does all she can to make a guy hard while he's wearing women's panties.

A girl in a bikini gives a guy a handjob in front of two other roommates.
A girl can't stop touching the hard dick of the guy she's cuddling with.

May 16th
CFNM on TV Shows 
One of the great things happening in the world is that TV is getting mroe explicit with some of its content.  This can only help CFNM.  Here are some examples of CFNM on different types of TV shows.

In this clip, a naked guy walks into an office and stuns the women. In this clip, a woman watches a guy and pee and helps him with his shake. In this clip, a couple of really hot women get naked with a bunch of guys.

May 15th
Random CFNM


In the first clip, a woman decides between a variety of penises and men.
In the second clip, a man sits on a woman's lap naked.

In the third clip, a man masturbates in front of an embarrassed woman.
In the fourth clip, a woman stares at a man standing naked in her kitchen.

May 14th
Kay's Planet
Hot black chick can't help her self!


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May 9th
Random CFNM


In the first clip, a bunch of women watch a man bathe himself.
In the second clip, a woman insults the size of a man's penis.

In the third clip, women see a man naked in a ring.

May 8th
Legit CFNM


May 6th
Random CFNM


In the first clip, a hot nurse gives a bunch of guys a hernia check.
In the second clip, a woman has a guy naked at gunpoint.

In the third clip, a guy is accidentally naked in front of a woman.

May 3rd

CFNM Restraint
In this clip from a hot, gives a man a great handjob.

May 2nd
Full Monty CFNM
In this clip, a group of women watch amateur men get naked on stage.