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Clothed Female Nude Male

Welcome to the CFNM Hot Blog where you will find a wide range of material dealing in the CFNM genre.  For those of you who don't know what CFNM stands for, it is an acronym for Clothed Female Nude Male.  The fetish is pretty much self-explanatory - the guys are naked and the girls are not.  As with any fetish, however, there are many different variations within the basic framework, ranging from streakers to strippers to female domination.  On this blog we will try to give you a small taste of the many different flavors of CFNM.

Nov 28th
Sports CFNM
This is one of the best CFNM videos to hit the scene in a long time.  Basically, guys play against girls in rugby and it is some form of strip rugby.  Not only are there naked guys touching and grinding against and being viewed by their female opponents, but there are also a lot of happy women in the crowd watching, laughing and taking pictures.  This is the way that all sports should be from this point forward.

Nov 27th
Actresses Looking at Naked CoStars

In the first clip, a guy's towel is ripped off in front of Jessica Biel.
In the second clip, Naomi Watts enjoys watching a naked man.

In the third clip, Anna Paquin sees two naked men for the price of one.

Nov 26th
Random CFNM

In the first clip, two guys are tricked into getting naked in front of a group.
In the second clip, a guy is found naked by a happy woman.

In the third clip a woman peeks at a naked male.
In the fourth clip, a guy is running around naked in front of his schoolmates.

Nov 25th
Famous Actors and Actresses

In the first clip, Justin Long gets naked in front of Cristina Applegate twice.
In the second clip, Delmot Mulroney gets naked in front of Neve Campbell.

In the third clip, Timothy Olymphant gets naked in front of Milla Jovovich.

Nov 24th
Random CFNM Videos

In the first clip, a creepy guy flashes a young woman.
In the second clip, a girl plays with a guy in the bathtub.

In the third clip, a guy is running around naked in front of people.
In the fourth clip, a guy is comfortably naked at a party.

Nov 21st
Random CFNM Nuggets

In the first clip, a woman is embarrassed when a man does not cover up his nudity.
In the second clip, two guys get naked after losing at a game of strip poker.

In the third clip, a girl is hiding and watching a guy get naked and ready for bed.

Nov 20th
Real Handjobs in Cinema

The movie industry seems to be getting more comfortable showing male frontal nudity in films and CFNM scenes have been around since the 1970s.  The next barrier appears to be showing women actually touching men's dicks and giving real handjobs.  Here are some examples of this phenomenon.

In the first scene, a woman rubs a guy's dick during a heated moment.
In the second clip, a woman gives a guy a handjob from the show "Tell Me You Love Me."

Nov 19th
CFNM Movie Scenes

In the first clip, a woman makes a man get naked at gunpoint.
In the second clip, a woman is excited when a man rips all of his clothes off.

In the third clip, two women get an eyeful of a stripper's penis.

Nov 18th
CFNM at the Movies

In the movie "Earth Girls are Easy" there is one CFNM scene.

In the movie "Earth Girls are Easy" there is one CFNM scene.

In the movie "The Dreamers" there are three CFNM scenes.

Nov 17th
Girls Trying to Beat the Cock
One of the best parts of the website is the game "Beat the Cock."  The object of the game is for a female to answer a certain amout of trivia questions before a male model finishes jerking off.  It's a very entertaining game because while the female is trying to think, she is worried about the male finishing.  So, she wants to keep him turned off while trying to summon her brain power.

In the first clip, Kathy screams as she is hit in the leg with a stream of cum.
In the second clip, Ruth cannot stop fidgeting because she's worried about losing.

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Nov 14th
Handjobs On TV Shows

In the first clip from "Six Feet Under" a female massage therapist gives a male patient a handjob.
In the second clip from "The Inbetweeners" a horny girl gives a nervous guy a handjob in front of a large group.

Nov 13th
Mike Putting on a Show
One of the best parts of is when Mike nonchalantly jerks off in front of females who are his friends and some he barely knows.  He does so very playfully as if nothing is going on to gauge their reactions to what they are seeing.  If they respond positively he will often continue until he completes his act.  It is amazing to see how many of the females react to this.

In this clip, Mike is masturbating in front of a hot woman who doesn't know what to do so she watches.

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Nov 12th
CFNM from Kay's Planet is one of the best sources for CFNM on the internet.  What makes this CFNM so unique and great is that it puts everyday women in situations with naked men and their reactions are 100% real.

In the first clip, Sandy is impressed by the size of the male model's dick.
In the second clip, two hot college girls discuss who the penis likes better.

In the third clip, a hot brunette is flustered when she sees a model's penis.

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Nov 11th
Locker Room CFNM 
A great place for CFNM is a male locker room.  The first ingredient is always there, naked men.  Mix in a woman walking through and she can't help but get an eyeful of naked cock.

In the first scene, an angry girl rips off a guy's towel and teases him for having a small cock.
In the second scene, a female owner treats her star player like a piece of meat.

In the third scene, a female owner congratulates her team and stares at their dicks.
In the fourth scene, a guy changes clothes in front of a group of girls while they watch.

Nov 10th
CFNM in Comedy Movies

In this clip from "Major League" a female team owner stares at her employees naked.
In this clip from "Juwanna Mann" a basketball player flashes the entire crowd.

In this clip from "Wildcats" Goldie Hawn gets a locker room full of naked male penises.

Nov 7th
Anatomy CFNM 
From the show "Autopsy" a female artist draws internal organs on a naked male.

Nov 6th
Amateur CFNM 
There are a lot of men and women out there who take it upon themselves to create CFNM.

In the first clip, a guy gets naked in front of a gull bar of people.
In the second clip, a guy runs into a restaurant naked.

In the third clip, a group of guys get naked in front of their female friends.
In the fourth clip, a guy walks around a festival completely naked.

Nov 5th
CFNM and Advertising 
One of the tools of advertising is putting a naked man in a commercial doing something ridiculous.  Most people find naked men funny in weird situations especially when they are overweight or embarrassed.  Here are some clips of naked men being used in ads with CFNM situations in them.

In the first ad, men get naked in their office for beer while the women are horrified.
In the second ad, a guy purposely loses a boner so he can play on his computer.

In the third ad, two women enjoy staring at their naked male neighbor.

Nov 4th
Big Brother CFNM 
When it comes to real CFNM, especially on television, there is no better place to look than Big Brother.  Big Brother forces a bunch of men and women to live in the same house together for an extended period of time and there are always naked situations that come from that.  The shower sees a lot of men and women naked together as does the pool.


In the first clip, a guy gets out of the shower naked to flash two hot women.
In the second clip, a guy is taking a shower while women are in and out of the bathroom.

In the third clip, a guy and girl take a shower together and help each other.

Nov 3rd
Cinematic CFNM


In the film "Truth or Dare" Madonna comments on the size of a black guy's dick.
In the film "Multiplicity" Andie MacDowell is impressed by an erection.

In the film "Evan Almighty" Steve Carell flashes a female postal worker
In the film "Stealing Beauty" Liv Tyler is embarrassed when a guy gets naked.

In the film "Stealing Beauty" Liv Tyler likes watching a group of naked guys.